Surveillance Capitalism

April 10, 2016

I’m still struggling to absorb everything from Soshana Zuboff’s The Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism

My summary would be:

Capitalism is transitioning from providing value to customers by trading money for goods and services to trading surveillance for good and services. Because of the general public’s ignorance of the now always-connected reporting mechanisms facilitated by a global network, they are unaware of the bargains they agree to when using a service.


Please ignore the hyperbolic graphics on the page. It’s a 15-page article that is well-worth your time investment to read it. As consumers of goods and services, we are on our own to be conscious of what we are trading when we accept an offer or buy a product. This article is the red-pill you will need to be an informed citizen.

If you’ve ever wondered how a company that seems to give everything away for free can possibly make money, this article can answer that question.

I’m hoping to be able to write more about this in the future.

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